Clinical Director - Sports & General Podiatry
ACC Provider & Southern Cross Provider
Elson Ng (BHSc Pod | PGDipSEM)

Languages: English, Cantonese and Mandarin
Location: Howick

Senior Podiatrist - General & Diabetes

ACC Provider & Southern Cross Provider

Ken Choi (BHSc Pod)

Languages: English and Korean
Location: Howick, Beachlands


Senior Podiatrist - General & Diabetes

ACC Provider & Southern Cross Provider

Sean Hii (BHSc Pod)

Languages: English 
Location: Papatoetoe


Managing Podiatrist - Elson Ng (BHSc Pod | MPNZ)


Elson was originally trained in Dental at the University of Otago. Throughout the years of training, he had developed dexterous hands skills and a great knowledge in the behaviour and properties of materials used in prosthetic


He first discovered his passion for podiatry when he worked part-time at a specialist footwear retailer. On a daily basis he met people with different foot conditions, seeking solutions for their problems. He enjoys the challenge of solving "difficult" problems and strive to be the best in his field. His curiosity had led him to the path of becoming a podiatrist.


He started Care Podiatry in 2013, built on a vision of providing the "best" quality podiatry care & to implement dental technology into the standard podiatry practices. He started off with a humble setup in a medical room in Papatoetoe with zero patients, through the word of mouth from his patients, he had expanded to 3 clinics within 2 years. His patients often comments on the thoroughness of his treatments. In 2015, he was prized with "Highly Commended Podiatrist" award by the Eastern Committee & "Best Professional Business" award by Howick Association.


As a podiatrist, Elson had successfully treated a variety of patient cases, from common foot and ankle injuries, diabetic foot ulcers, arthritic foot pain, severe fungal toenail infection, and many other skin and toenail problems. He has conducted multiple case studies throughout the years, and dedicated his focus to specialize in Fungal Treatments and Verrucae/Wart Treatments. He welcomes challenging cases and is confident in the success rate of his treatments.


With his background in dental technology, he had transferred many techniques from dentistry into podiatry. His dexterous hand skills and his podiatry restoration techniques makes his podiatry treatments unique, and differentiates himself from the standard podiatry practice.


Elson believes that "there are always more than one solutions to a problem, and with the advancement of new technology and research, we gain a better understanding of the different foot problems and discover new & innovative ways to treat them."


He is currently the only Chinese speaking podiatrist in NZ whom is experienced in all fields of podiatry practice, and is pioneering the podiatry profession among the Chinese community. He had been interviewed on national TV and radio, and often guest speaks at community health conferences to share his knowledge and ideas with his colleagues. His unique approach to common foot problems and his dedication to promote good foot health has earned him a good reputation within the local community. His reputation spreads beyond his practicing locations, and has returning clients from other cities.

He has taken the opportunity during COVID lockdown and completed his further training in Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine (PGDipSEM). Making him the most appropriate podiatrist to consult for any sports related injuries in the lower limbs.


Specialised in: Sports Podiatry, Cosmetic & Restorative Podiatry, Fungal Treatment, General Podiatry, Orthotics, Management of Sport Injuries (ACC), Gait Analysis, Foot and Ankle Pain Management, Geriatrics Foot Care, Diabetic Foot Care, Ulcer & Wound Care, Toenails Surgery, Verrucae & Wart Treatments, Shockwave Therapy


Senior Podiatrist - Ken Choi (BHSc Pod | MPNZ)

Ken graduated from AUT Podiatry school in 2013, and had practiced in a wide variety of settings within the Waikato region prior to joining Care Podiatry in 2016. He has vase experience in providing quality podiatry treatments in a private practice setting as well as managing high risk diabetic feet.

One of his main focus in podiatry is diabetic foot care. Ken had dedicated his earlier stages of his career treating ulcers in diabetic feet and provided palliative care in multiple geriatric units. His effort as a primary health care provider had prevented many diabetics from developing foot complications (e.g. ulcers, foot infections & amputations) by providing an exceptional and thorough service.

Ken is often described by his patients as "gentle & thorough" and is our lead podiatrist at our Papatoetoe clinic. Since he had joined Care Podiatry, Ken had been actively promoting awareness for diabetic feet by providing seminars to local support groups. His passion and dedication in the prevention of foot ulcers & amputations had led him to continue his pursuit to specialise in the field of Diabetic Podiatry.

Besides from the focus on diabetic podiatry, he is also heavily involved with the local Korean golf groups. He had successfully treated many lower limb injuries by offering appropriate footwear advises and prescribing Orthotics.

He believes that "our feet is one of the most important parts of our body, as it carries the weight of our whole body. Without our feet there will be many things we cant achieve, and hence, highlighting the importance of our role as a podiatrist".

Specialised in: Fungal Treatment, General Podiatry, Orthotics Therapy, Management of Sport Injuries (ACC), Foot and Ankle Pain Management, Geriatrics Foot Care, Diabetic Foot Care, Ulcer & Wound Care, Toenails Surgery, Verrucae & Wart Treatments, Shockwave Therapy

Podiatrist - Sean Hii (BHSc Pod | MPNZ)

HI my name is Sean and I am a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry from AUT. I was born in Malaysia and migrated here to NZ at the early age of 5 to carry out my education. After finishing high-school my initial career choice was physiotherapy, but after doing research into the field of podiatry I started building a passion and became fascinated with the different pathologies of conditions and the diverse range of treatments involved in the scope of podiatry. I originally did my placement with Care Podiatry during my last year of my tertiary studies in which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from over the course of my 2 weeks with them. After graduating I was extremely grateful to be presented with the opportunity to be a part of their team and was soon pursuing my career practicing as a podiatrist.


I am interested in all aspects of podiatry involving nail and skin conditions with specific interests in diabetic foot complications, fungal nail, verrucaes (warts) treatments and work-related lower limb injuries.

I am also always open to encountering unique and different problems as I have a passion for studying and researching about these “presented problems” to help expand my podiatric knowledge and gain more experience in my field of practice. This can help me to further provide more education to my patients and develop a short- and long-term management plan tailored specifically for them.

I am a self-motivated person who is willing and determined to provide you with the best podiatric service to make you feel lighter and happier on your feet. Additionally, I believe that it is important in helping to inspire and encourage each and every patient to provide the best treatment outcome for them.

Specialised in: Fungal Treatment, General Podiatry, Orthotics Therapy, Management of Sport Injuries (ACC), Foot and Ankle Pain Management, Geriatrics Foot Care, Diabetic Foot Care, Toenails Surgery, Verrucae & Wart Treatments, Shockwave Therapy