Our podiatrist is dedicated to help combat foot problems and want to make a difference in the community.
We aim to be the most competitive in our fees, without compromising the quality and your experience at Care Podiatry.

We understand the frustration of finding out the hidden costs after the appointment.

At Care Podiatry, we want to explain to you the costs involved in your treatment before you make a decision of coming in.

Service Fees

Initial Consultation (30 mins) $90

For General Podiatry/Diabetic Foot Care/Biomechanical Assessment


Review Appointment (30 mins)
$90 (Returning for regular treatments over 16 weeks

$85 (Returning for regular treatments within 16 weeks
$80 (Returning for regular treatments within 10 weeks

ACC Initial Consultation (30mins) $50
ACC Review Appointment (30mins) $40
60mins appointment is available on consequential booking with podiatrist
ACC Extracoporeal Shockwave Therapy available*
ACC Moonboots / Orthotics available*


A $15 surcharge will apply to our standard rates for Saturday appointments

*Below services requires Initial Consultation & Assessment

Orthotics / Custom Insoles / Moonboots / Ankle Brace

Shockwave / Laser Therapy / Dermal-debridement

Ingrown Toenail / Verrucae Surgery / Fungal Treatment

We offer 5% Discount when presented with: 
Senior Gold Card, Community Services Card, Student Card

A further $10 Loyalty Discount will apply
on top of the 5% discount
for patients returning within 10 weeks
for ongoing regular treatments 

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